Leased Properties

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These leased buildings are located on Huntington Avenue, St. Stephen Street, Columbus Avenue, Tremont Street, Hemenway Street, Symphony Road, Westland Avenue, and The Fenway.  The area offers a unique, off campus feel, with a kitchen and bathroom in each unit. Similarly to off-campus apartments, the bedroom doors do not lock, but the door to each apartment does. Many apartments have fire-escapes.

Undergraduate Accommodations

  • Douglass Park
  • Douglass Park at Tremont Street
  • 84 The Fenway
  • 97 St. Stephen Street
  • 109 St. Stephen Street
  • 115 St. Stephen Street
  • 100 Hemenway Street
  • 132 Hemenway Street
  • 136 Hemenway Street
  • 171 Hemenway Street
  • 204 Hemenway Street
  • 309 Huntington Avenue 
  • 311 Huntington Avenue 
  • 313 Huntington Avenue 
  • 315 Huntington Avenue 
  • 49 Symphony Road
  • 52 Westland Avenue
  • 1065 Tremont Street

Buildings Details

Apartment Types: Studios, 2-, 3-, and 4-person apartments.

Bedroom Types:

Studio single
Studio double
Single bedroom
Double bedroom

Security: Locked buildings only accessible by key

Connections: Does not have NUwave, but internet can be set up through an outside provider. You will also be given a $100 credit for each semester ($50 per summer term) on your student account in the sixth week of the term (third week of summer term) to assist you with cost related to internet. Streaming cable is provided through the Xfinity on Campus service. You can find helpful resources about internet providers on this page:

Laundry facilities: In building laundry varies by building, but none accept Laundry Bucks. In most cases, residents are granted access to a nearby residence hall to utilize laundry rooms and Laundry Bucks.

Lounges: No common lounge

Mail delivery: All university housing residents, including those living in Leased Properties. are issued unique mail codes for campus mail addressing. All packages and paper mail are delivered and distributed through the university mailrooms and package locker network

Vending machines: No

Elevator: Varies

Window shades: Yes

Furniture provided: Bed, desk and chair, dresser, and closet space for each resident; dining table and chairs, living room furniture, and carpeting in some. 

Kitchen appliances: Refrigerator, oven, stove

Additional amenities: Gas stoves

Balcony/roof policy: Balconies/Roofs may not be accessible by residents

Floor plans for leased properties are not available.


Residence Director and RA Contact
Looking for information about the Residence Director or Resident Assistant (RA) Office information? CLICK HERE.