Facilities Work Order Requests

The Facilities Division is a service-oriented organization whose mission is to support Northeastern University's position as a national research, practice-oriented, student-centered, urban institution by providing a safe, healthy and attractive environment conducive to teaching, learning and working.

The Facilities Division provides 24-hour support services to students, faculty and staff in a timely manner through the use of a computerized work order system that monitors and prioritizes requests for maintenance and emergency repairs via the Facilities Customer Service Center.

The Division's primary functions include the planning, design and construction of new buildings; the extension, renewal and replacement of existing plant facilities; and the prudent use of energy through the efficient operations of the campus utility distribution systems.

Work Requests (for students)

  • The process to place a work order is as follows:
  • Log in to your Student Hub
  • Go to the "Resources" tab
  • Select "Facilities & Residential Life Online Work Request"

Extermination Policy/Procedure

Northeastern University employs a pest management company to address all pest-related concerns. If your room, suite, or apartment requires pest control, you may call Facilities Customer Service at 617.373.2754. Technicians are on campus daily; please report any issues immediately to ensure optimal results. After your room, suite, or apartment has been treated, you will be notified by e-mail and the technician will leave a card informing you of any additional follow-up if necessary. Residents are expected to keep their rooms orderly, safe, and sanitary. Failure to maintain a minimum standard of
cleanliness may result in a cleaning charge and/or disciplinary action, which could include loss of housing privileges.

To minimize pests:

  • Keep indoor garbage in lined, covered containers.
    • Empty garbage and trash barrels daily.
    • Store food in sealed, airtight containers.
    • Sweep and mop tile floors at frequent intervals.
    • Vacuum carpet at frequent intervals.
    • Remove lint and fiber accumulations from crevices, carpet edges, and between floorboards.
    • Wipe kitchen counters daily.
    • Clean kitchen stoves at frequent intervals.
    • Do not store packing materials such as grocery bags and cardboard boxes in your unit.
    • Rinse all empty bottles and cans.
    • Do not leave food out overnight.
    • Do not leave soiled dishes out overnight.
    • Place takeout containers in the trash room immediately after use.
    • Keep personal belongings tidy.
    • Do not leave clothes in piles on floors.
    • Immediately report all mouse sightings or evidence of mice (droppings, dead mice, damaged food).