Residency Waiver

Residency Waiver Request

Undergraduates who enter as first-year students through fall admission and The NUin  Program are required to live in university housing unless a residency waiver request is approved for their first two years.

Residency Requirement

Undergraduates who enter as first-year students through fall admission to Boston and The NUin Program are required to live in university housing while taking classes or on a co-op assignment in the Boston area during their first two years. The residency requirement in place at Northeastern has been developed over time and with consideration. 

Residency Requirement Waiver Process

This process indicates that you wish to appeal the residency requirement for first and second year students for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Residency Waivers are only approved for students who can provide the required documentation to support their waiver request. Housing Services collaborates with many campus partners to make the most informed decision possible, in order to support our students and the mission of the university.

Students receiving any form of aid (grants, loans, or work study) should speak with a representative from the Office of Student Financial Services to understand the individual impact of waiving university housing.

Required students who wish to submit a Residency Waiver, can find the form on their Housing Online under Forms and Requests. Students will need to provide a short description of the reason for request following the directions in the form and provide the required documentation for review.  If you do not have access to the form, please email

Please note, the housing office works with multiple campus partners to review requests, so it can take two or more weeks to be reviewed once all requested documentation is submitted.

Students who are granted a residency waiver for Fall and/or Spring semesters forfeit any guaranteed housing status for future terms and upon approval, active applications for those terms are cancelled. Approved students lose the right to any previously chosen room for those semesters, and should you change your mind and decide to live in university housing, you would need to add yourself to the end of the waitlist for those terms.  That said, if you apply for housing for future years, while you will not be guaranteed through our housing selection process, you will either receive a selection number or be placed on the waitlist.

Review Timeline

Waivers Beginning in Fall 

Waivers Beginning in Spring

Review Period Begins on a rolling basis in February 

Review Period Begins on a rolling basis in June

Deadline to submit a new waiver or any supporting documentation is August 1, 2024 for Fall 2024

Deadline to submit a new waiver or any supporting documentation is December 1, 2024 for Spring 2025. 
*After December 1, 2024 until January 2, 2025, residency waiver requests will be accepted via email to from required second year students for co-op reasons only. In addition to normal required documentation, confirmation from a co-op advisor of a co-op secured after December 1, 2024 will be required for the waiver to be considered. Break housing charges may be assessed for any waiver processed after December 13, 2024, and you must allow up to two weeks for review from the time all documentation has been submitted.

Review Period Ends at the start of Fall Move-in in August

Review Period Ends for fall residents by Fall move-out, and for students without a fall assignment by Spring Move-in in January